MindBling.Guru Nugget of the Day

March 2, 2018 // 0 Comments

A nugget of enlightenment from MindBling.Guru…

“There is an intrinsic paradox between world views. Either I see the world as broken and needing to be fixed or I see the world as Perfect, unfolding and expressing in unique Magnificence. I cannot hold both in mind just as a woman cannot be half pregnant. The world is either broken and damaged or

perfect and innocent AS IS. So how i see the world derives completely from how I see myself. when I see myself as innately broken I see others as needing to be changed fixed or healed of ‘something’. When I see myself as plugged into the Force Of Life, I am part of a unapologetic, all consuming force that thrives, creates and expresses.

This may ‘look’ to the world as different stages. We as a species, may jump in to categorize and alphabetize these stages of development as needy, insubstantial or inferior and need to be fixed. Yet we don’t criticize a seed when it is devoid of roots and branches and say “you are not a tree”. It has and always will be a perfect tree unfolding. Even when it is full blown, devoid of branches or chopped as wood, it is still a perfect tree. So are we.

We are all unfolding and developing according to our own perfect trajectory. We DO, like the tree,  need the sun, the wind and the rain as food for our journey, yet have you ever seen a tree struggle or strain for them? Every seed comes with infinite potential. The tree knows its purpose; To thrive expand and grow. Yet the biggest difference is that there is no attachment to the outcome.

When we know WHO WE ARE,  we can ONLY receive what will feed and grow that remembrance.  It will come naturally and unassuming. We will get what we need to thrive and grow in potential just like the tree.

Or we will struggle to accumulate new formulas for an ailment that never existed in the first place.” – Jennifer Schuitemaker

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