Why do 80% of authors never get their work completed?
Could it be the same reason why only 1% of self-help books ever get integrated?

We seem to be most comfortable seeking out statistics and searching for more info to find out something that is missing with ourselves, trying more elixirs to somehow fix what’s broken.

It is common and more acceptable to postpone your dreams and happiness. After all, then you will continue to fit in to the tribe. Because At the end of the day you must spend time commiserating with the others by having common ground.
However, if you were to exceed the tribal limits, it would leave you unable to relate. In this position you may eventually find yourself abandoned and alone. Therefore you most likely will sabotage the very progress you could be making.

We can also conveniently postpone our dreams based on some image of perfection. Making sure we’re not ready yet. It is easy to align with beliefs of unworthiness for these are very dominant in our culture.

Yet this procrastination costs us dearly. It spirals into a feeling of dread day after day when you wake up with a feeling overwhelm because you haven’t accomplished anything. Everyday starts to look just like the next.

The solution? Just do it! Allow it to be messy. You are your worst critic. Don’t wait for the accolades of others. They are most likely stuck on their own journey, and can only see from underneath their own limitations.

So today is the day to something towards the trajectory of your own passions. After all, that is what time is for. For it is our everyday lives that matter.

Dial down yes dial down your expectations. Sprinkle a little ordinary into your extraordinary day and actually feel like you are accomplishing the act of living your life.

Now maybe you can realize that that is the best thing to get done on your ‘to do’ list. This is what the world has been waiting for. It has been waiting for you to bring YOU along.

Stop fixing what was never broken. You are ready now. Put that into your day and watch what happens.