What are your beliefs costing you?

You are an open minded, well-educated person. Yet your days tend to look the same with one day looking like the next. You may even wake up with a feeling of dread or anxiety. You wonder why you haven’t accomplished all those things you thought about so many years ago….

There is a famous flea study that personifies and may bring clarity towards our inability to go beyond our comfort and safety level.
In one box a bunch of fleas were kept for three days. After the first day the fleas would jump and hit the top of the box. After the second day they trained themselves not to go beyond and hit the level of the ceiling. The third day the lid was taken off and the fleas still did not go beyond the box even though they were free to escape.

Tony Robbins was known to have said we do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure. We spend our lives conforming and trying to be secure in our tribes yet what is this costing you today? Days turn into months that turn into years. Perhaps it is time we examine our belief systems and how these hold us back. Are they realistic or even appropriate any more?

We are either going forward into our dreams or backward into safety and security.
The regrets of the dying are not what they did, its what they didn’t do. It was always that the failed to go beyond the parameters of the box. They felt they failed to go being the limits of the tribe and the beliefs and limitations that bound them.

Ask yourself : What is holding me in the box? And: What are these beliefs costing me?

Are You Ready?