You don’t have a Life!

Never live your life again. Live your days. This will change your ‘life’ in ways that are profound.

Most of us live on accident and wonder why?

We are educated, worldly, amazing people yet we end up realizing that we live our life in habits. When this happens we wake up to realize our lives start looking the same one-day after the next. Nothing is wrong with you. We are just creatures of habit. Yet this could be costing you. For you may be sleepwalking thru much of your precious life.

We are either going forward in to our future or backwards in safety. Safety in habits is our tribal way of living. It’s a way of surviving the bumps of evolution in order to keep us intact and orderly.

One of the ways we feel overwhelm and tune out is when we start thinking we have a life to deal with. Yet is that true? Thinking that you have something as big as a life can scare you right back into unconsciousness. The fact is you really don’t have a life. There is no guarantee of a ‘life’ or a year or a day. This moment is all you have. Even when you get to a date you planed in the future, it will interestingly always be in the now.

The thought that “I have a life” is what we will tackle today. The thought, I have a life, is a difficult mindset to accomplish. This sometimes makes it too large to tackle.
Thinking of your life in terms of days is much more of a realistic goal. Try living this mindset for a few days.

You really don’t have a life, you only have this day and this moment in time.

Try thinking about how you are going to make the most of your day, not your life. How about starting with what you got?

This new way of thinking and being can put you into the ‘life’ you are IN. How wonderful it would be to really see and experience what is around you.

Start to experience your day before you begin to experience your ‘life” and watch what unfolds.

Are you ready?