Do you want more freedom, more contentment? Would you like to feel more on purpose?

Your beliefs are in control.

Beliefs are dominant cultural pockets of thought. And they are different all over the world.

Traveling is a great way of seeing beliefs in action. Our species beliefs are literally what are driving their lives.

When you are out in the world you can see the cultural ceilings of belief that keep us in orderly lines and hold us back from ever being different. Mostly we are held back by the belief that things must be done a certain way before we can give our passions into the world. So we take a course of action that has been blessed by the tribe. For example, staying in a marriage for the kids, staying in a job just because it earns money, taking care of a parent regardless of the abuse. We seek out this acceptance and long to be safe in our tribe. Yet what does this cost us? Our lives.

Perfectionism also ties into this and keeps us from unleashing our gifts into the world, believing that the moment is never good enough. Perfectionism is just over another way to put off your dreams and passions in the world until you get ‘it’ just right. Meanwhile ‘it’ never comes to light. Postponing your dreams simply cheats you and the world from sharing in the gifts you came here to share. It is never right, there always something missing. There’s always an excuse why we can’t unleash our passion.

We are taught beliefs that we must wait until our children are grown or we need more education, we need to wait until our health is a certain way, that certain careers are for certain ages and looks and styles. It goes on and on.

This is just a way to keep you in the safety of the tribe. For if you excelled and went beyond their belief system you would no longer be part of the tribe. This is what is holding you back. Beliefs literally cost you your life.

Don’t wait examine your belief system and set yourself free.

Are You Ready?