Overwhelmed? Drained? How to find release for good.

Here is a quick wonderful visual you can use to reverse the cycle of overwhelm and anxiety we end of feeling by the end of the day.
Many of us have so much potential yet most days we seem to run out of time and feel overwhelmed, never seeming to get time for our

dreams, passions and the tasks that were most important to us. Could it be that the way we structure our day has anything to do with it? Traditionally we feel we must do the little tasks first and get them out of the way in order to carve out precious time for our big pleasurable things. Yet this may not be the best method for again and again we get sidetracked and so do our dreams.

We have one day, which is represented by a large glass pot. We have several parts to our day- Boulders, sand, pebbles and rocks. We must fit these three parts into the glass pot in order to feel at peace. Not fitting them in leaves us feeling overwhelmed, spent. What’s more is we end up piling up undone business onto tomorrow trying to make up for what wasn’t done today. Which leaves us in a position of always, making up, never feeling caught up. We feel like we will never have time for what truly matters – a life enjoying our passions, dreams and enjoying our lives.

The boulders are our passions and dreams- they are the things that whisper to us throughout the day. We tend to put these off waiting to do the small tasks getting them out of the way.
The sand are the tiny little things, like the emails, phone calls etc.

These tend to get us pumped up and stressed out. They sap our energy and leave us depleted.

The pebbles are the medium sized tasks that tend to take up time and are of medium importance. These are the errands, the grocery runs, the conference calls, the pharmacy, and the gym. Got to do them sometime today, but they will have their place.

Most of us feel depleted and overwhelmed because we do the sand first. We start right off the bat doing the tasks that deplete us and allow us to get lost. We then do the pebbles, which sometimes take us the rest of the day. When we come back, we see our large boulders waiting. They cannot fit into the glass jar. The sand and the pebbles have taken over.

We now do not have time for the really important promptings that have called to us every day. The book that begs to be written, the recipes that long to be tasted, the museums that once explored will inspire your graphic design work.

The day must begin with the boulders. This is your golden hour. Even if it’s a golden fifteen minutes-its yours. This is the only way all the elements will fit into the glass jar.

TRY it for a day or a week. Refuse to put a piece of sand into your glass jar first and see how this transforms your life. Watch as you slowly but surely build on the boulders of your life.

After all this is what the world has been waiting for!

Are You Ready?