Busyness is an ingrained habit that is costing you dearly.
We are taught to become busy as a way of Being. Especially here in the western hemisphere, we are taught to be busy to becoming viable and complete. We wear it as a badge of honour. This is not a natural way of being. It becomes a burden on our daily existence.

The Dalai lama once remarked that there only two days that are impossible to get anything done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow so the only day you have for love and to see the moment is today.

But the busyness is costing you emotionally, financially and physically. The cost? You are never actually DOING what you are doing. You are busy doing a million other things while your doing the task at hand. Because of this state of being, life simply passes by unfulfilled. We then wonder why we are not experiencing a happy content way of being.

Some people live 99 year while others live one year 99 times. Which would you rather be?

A suggestion for today: set a stopwatch every half-hour and see how ingrained this habit of busyness really is. At each half hour interval, notice how you are in relation to what you are doing. Your natural state of being is not busy. Your normal state is to actually be pugged in, experiencing your life. Your normal state of being is aware, tasting your food and smelling the air, hearing the sounds, aware of the nuances in someone’s voice.

Taking the time to do the exercise permits you to check in your life and experience how well you are actually experiencing it. Compared to simply doing business.

You can get a chance to experience you life rather than allow it to pass by each day. It’s a wonderful way to reboot and rewire the way you live, think and work. This new way of being can recharge everything you do and everyone with whom you encounter. For when you bring YOU to these interactions it changes everything you DO.

Are You Ready?