Your help is hurting me

As we observe people in other social economic classes especially those who don’t have as much as we do, we tend to see them as needing our help. We see people in other social economic classes as

needing to be fixed so they can be more like us.

This is a very limiting thought that is full of lack.

There is a very limited cultural belief ceiling that says,” if they are not like us or raised like us, then they need our help to become more like us”.

Either the world is broken and needs to be fixed or its not. It’s one or the other. When we view the world, as needing to be fixed there is a problem. For the world is inherently whole or its not.

Paulo Coelho said a rose is still a rose whether it’s in a bud stage or its full-blown stage. In all stages it is still a rose.

We are all in different stages of growing and developing and becoming aware. No one is inferior or superior. We are all expressing this in different ways, yet we are all still a rose. Who are we to judge whether this stage is superior or inferior to other stages. In the end we are all the same. We are all going to the same place.

This belief of lack is a thought that keeps us limited in our ability to relate to each other. These judgements are simply the way we were taught to view ourselves. As a result of being unaware of how we think, we extend these judgemental lacking thoughts out towards others. We project this brokenness onto others.

Through our awareness we can free ourselves of these limiting beliefs. When we start to feel more whole and complete ourselves we will start to see the inherent wholeness in the world, and each other.

Are you ready?