You Were Never Broken

March 10, 2015 // 3 Comments

Americans spend more than $11 billion dollars a year on self-help products that include everything from seminars to life coaches to the latest self-help books. A few weeks later most of them are forgotten or cast aside for the next hopeful fix.

Why aren’t millions of amazing smart eager people reaping any interest from their investments?

Who do so few people enjoy the life they really want?

The real news: You don’t need more information or The Latest Technique to reach your full potential.

You will never solve any problem with another How-To method or 12-Step program. These are merely Band-aids that will keep you forever on a hamster wheel of self improvement.

All these methods ever offered was a solution aimed at someone who had a problem.

You can never solve a problem at the same level of consciousness from which it was created.

You never had a problem to begin with.

This is the Revolutionary Mindset. Come Back Home to Who You Are and have been all along.

Find the courage and motivation the to live your greatest life imaginable!

  • Claim your rightful place in the universe which you came out of,not  
  • Get serious about what brings you joy and fulfillment
  • No finger-pointing, no judgment where no exclusions exist.
  • Truly remember who you really are and why you came here to begin with.
  • Achieve long-term happiness at the core.
  • Feel contentment and peace with where you are right now.
  • Improve relationships by transforming them with your presence.
  • Radically be at one with your surroundings.
  • Unapologetically live life at your fullest expression—emotionally, financially and physically.
  • Legitimize the path of awakening for all social economic classes and expressions.
  • Get more satisfaction from knowing your only job was to be you, fully and completely.


You were never broken – There’s nothing to fix

A Revolutionary RE-Awakening!

While reading your ebook, I find myself entering a space of inner peace and calm. Your greatest message of all is, “Its okay to be you. It really is.” The neurosis of “what’s wrong what me?” has reached hysterical proportions in Western society. I call it the “never good enoughs.” You confront this head-on as no one else really has. Your lack of judgment and complete observation–the quantum observer observing the observer–is unique. You’ve been through a lot; that’s evident. Yet whatever residue you’ve experienced has been met with acceptanace, grace and poise. The first segments in “Jump” surely resonate with every person who reads them…. Much love, Carol. – Carol Adler, President/CEO – Dandelion Books, LLC “Jennifer, I read about 20 pages of your new book this morning – Awesome, powerful stuff to wake up to and so perfect for where I am today. Thank You! Nice to feel the peace I am feeling here with my new life – simplicity, connectivity and passion!! Thanks for helping me on my journey, I wouldn’t be where I am today without this body of work!” – Frank Klaus
Kindred spirit... you have relaxation and ambience of autonomy, which is nostalgic. ... while dejavu of previous life. ..
Jennifer. .. Kindred spirit... you have relaxation and ambience of autonomy, which is nostalgic. ... while dejavu of previous life. .