Why We Don’t Awaken

March 12, 2015 // 2 Comments

Understand Why Feeling Positive and Thinking Your Way to Happiness Is a MYTH

Does this sound familiar?

When is my life ever going to truly begin? Why do I feel I’m on this never-ending hamster wheel and can’t seem to get anywhere? Why can’t I find any permanent solutions in the self-help industry? Why can’t I be at peace or happy where I am? Why can’t I get what I want? What am I missing?  I want to let go but something always seems to be holding me back. What’s wrong with me?

The answer to all of these questions is: There’s nothing wrong with you.


In Why We Don’t Awaken, by Jennifer Schuitemaker, you will learn about the biggest factor holding you back from experiencing yourself as ALREADY FULLY AWAKENED.

You will also learn:

  • Why we continually search and seek for solutions outside of ourselves without results, and what this costs us emotionally, physically and financially
  • Why you see the world the way you do
  • What beliefs hold you back from living the life you want
  • Why your body is never the way you want it to be
  • What separates you from what you want
  •  The reason you feel imperfect and why you feel compelled to fix yourself
  • Why you keep feeling that something’s missing
  • What influences every word gesture and choice you make
  • What your social circle says about your health, wealth and happiness
  • What common belief became the biggest error of the last millennia
  • How we have unconsciously condemned a piece of our essence that is crucial to our permanent re-awakening
  • Why we unconsciously deny, shame and condemn a huge part of ourselves
  • How to become aware of the thoughts that disempower ourselves from attaining the life we want
  • What is the most influential authoritative Force in our lives
  • How to identify the criteria you use to judge and label the world
  • Why you feel guilty and blame others
  • Why it’s so hard to do something unfamiliar
  • Why you view the physical world as frightening
  • Why you can’t seem to have enough time, energy money or joy
  • What continues to hold us back from experiencing our lives
  • What mythical story has impacted the way we view ourselves
  • How to identify what is splitting you off from being whole
  • How to stop constantly seeking solutions outside of ourselves
  • What makes us feel incomplete

You will realize you were never broken and there was nothing to fix.


This book is a wake-up call for those who are ready to see themselves and the world from a revolutionary new perspective.



While reading your ebook, I find myself entering a space of inner peace and calm. Your greatest message of all is, “Its okay to be you. It really is.” The neurosis of “what’s wrong what me?” has reached hysterical proportions in Western society. I call it the “never good enoughs.” You confront this head-on as no one else really has. Your lack of judgment and complete observation–the quantum observer observing the observer–is unique.

You’ve been through a lot; that’s evident. Yet whatever residue you’ve experienced has been met with acceptanace, grace and poise. The first segments in “Jump” surely resonate with every person who reads them…. Much love, Carol. – Carol Adler, President/CEO – Dandelion Books, LLC

“Jennifer, I read about 20 pages of your new book this morning – Awesome, powerful stuff to wake up to and so perfect for where I am today. Thank You! Nice to feel the peace I am feeling here with my new life – simplicity, connectivity and passion!! Thanks for helping me on my journey, I wouldn’t be where I am today without this body of work!” – Frank Klaus