About Jennifer Schuitemaker

Buddha With Bling
Author, Mentor
Speaker and Visionary

Breaking new ground in the already overpopulated frontier of New Age Spiritual
Self Help and How to get Spiritual Quick Gurus. She is rapidly becoming known among spiritual aficionados, Facebook and Twitter fans as The Real Thing, or “The Buddha With Bling.”

Born in the United States and educated in Europe, JENNIFER was imprinted with a natural affinity for new thought and ways of thriving. Traveling extensively, she has dissected different cultures’ ways of being, expressing, and relating to the world around them. Studying the teachings of both past and present masters, JENNIFER combines that knowledge with her life experiences to become a highly educated and certified visionary in her own right.

Throughout her journey, JENNIFER discovered that what she was searching for was already inside of her the whole time. Knowing that to be true for everyone, JENNIFER has dedicated her life to debunking the myth that we are somehow broken and need to be fixed.

Jennifer defines ‘enlightenment’ and ‘awakening’ as “terminal conditions for which
there is no outside cure. In fact, she writes, “seeking outside remedies might even retard the process. It is impossible to become what you already are.””

Are you ready?

“You always had the power my dear, You had it all along.” Glinda from
“Wizard Of Oz”

You have been investing the precious years, time and resources of your
life trying to fix problems that were there in the first place.

This so-called problem was a passed down by a consciousness that
only sees itself as limited, backward and somehow wrong. This goes
against your very nature of perfection, which is why ever works.

There is a . A fresh new way of that rocks
on all cylinders. Come back Home to who you are and have been all
all along.

Jennifer Schuitemaker radiates light and calls others into the highest expressions of who they are.
She sets a serious example by walking her talk… She makes the impossible seem effortless.
She slices through illusion with a beautiful balance of head and heart.
She redeines what we think of as “spiritual” values and appeals to
both the human and eternal soul.
–Tara L. Robinson

Owner Editor, Whole Living Journal Magazine, Host of Waves of a New Age
WAIX FM 88.3, Author, Speaker